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Hernia Surgery

What is a Hernia?

A hernia is a hole in the abdominal muscular wall. When intact, the abdominal muscular wall holds the abdominal organs in place. Symptoms associated with a hernia may include a bulge or mass of the abdominal wall with or without associated pain or tenderness. This bulge or mass may disappear when the patient lies down

Types of Hernias & Location

  • Inguinal - Groin (upper)
  • Femoral - Groin (lower)
  • Incisional - Site of prior surgery
  • Epigastric - Between the lower chest and bellybutton
  • Hiatal or diaphragmatic - In the muscle separating the contents of the chest from the abdomen

Treatment of a hernia involves bringing the edges of the muscle back together with suture and may include the use of a mesh (material that strengthens the hernia repair lowering the risk of another hernia in the future.) This surgery may be performed with a minimally invasive technique or with a larger, more traditional incision.