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Corpuse Christiy Surgery: Doctor reviewing x-rays.

Breast Surgery

The most up to date care of benign breast disease and breast cancer.
Surgical Oncology in Corpus Christi.

Surgical Oncology

The specialization in complex cancer surgery that is done in careful conjunction with medical oncology and radiation oncology.
Corpuse Christiy Surgery: Lab work

Robotic Surgery

Enables specially trained surgeons to perform increasingly complex procedures with more precision and control.

General Surgery

Corpuse Christiy Surgery: on going operation


Gallbladders can be removed through laparoscopic/robotic or open surgery.
Corpuse Christiy Surgery: Gallbladder operation


Surgical repair is based on the size of the hernia and several other factors.
Doctor perfroming skin inspection for signs of cancer.

Skin Cancer

Treatment is complete excision of the cancer with 4 to 6 mm of normal surrounding skin.